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By Stan Shaw
Aug 28, 2006, 16:00

Higher education plays a critical role in ensuring the delivery of a free appropriate public education to students with disabilities as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. By preparing teachers, leaders and researchers, higher education constitutes an important pillar of the infrastructure of special education in our nation. Much of the research that creates new knowledge and underpins effective instruction of special education students is undertaken by institutions of higher education. Special education leaders in both higher education and P-12 school settings are prepared at the Masters and doctoral levels by institutions of higher education.

Comprised of 57 institutions of higher education with doctoral programs in special education, the Higher Education Consortium for Special Education (HECSE) seeks to ensure a robust and meaningful role for higher education in special education. HECSE serves its member schools by seeking solutions to challenges unique to college and university programs involved in the preparation of special education leadership personnel. HECSE works to enhance the ability of leadership personnel preparation programs to provide both the faculty to meet the need for highly qualified teachers and research on evidence-based practices to effectively serve students with disabilities. HECSE works to promote access to higher education for students with disabilities. Current priorities include fostering support for special education doctoral student research and training and gathering data on the shortage of current and future special education faculty in institutions of higher education.

This web site provides information on HECSE position papers, research reports on personnel preparation, testimony, news and how to contact Board members. Feel free to peruse our web pages. We seek to collaborate with professionals and consumers who share our vision. Please contact me ( if you would like to become a HECSE member university or if your organization wishes to work with us.

Stan Shaw, University of Connecticut
HECSE President

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