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Meetings : Meeting Minutes Last Updated: Sep 20th, 2006 - 14:59:44

HECSE Meeting Minutes 2006
By Fred Spooner
Sep 20, 2006, 14:58

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Minutes of HECSE Business Meeting January 2006
Embassy Suites Hotel
22nd and M Streets
Saturday, January 28th, 2006
9:00 A.M. EST

Stan Shaw UPDATE
- Organizations want to collaborate with HECSE to fulfill mutual goals (# of Requests from CEC through governmental relations liaisons to collaborate with HECSE and to collaborate with TED); HECSE members, who are the organization, need to participate in these activities; Stan is looking for help from members who want to take this opportunity to make a difference
- HECSE/TED Meeting in San Diego in at TED, November, 2006
Do a session on Hill Visits session and political action at the TED 2006 Conference in San Diego; Chriss will lead this effort
- OSEP project Directors –July 31st – August 2nd, 2006 in Washington. Appreciate input for content of meeting ASAP

- Student Initiate/Field Initiated Research as part of research capacity building progress
- No regulations for service obligation, yet; Maybe March; Request For Proposals (RFPs) for personnel prep will follow in April/May

NASDSE IDEA Partnerships– Joanne Cashman
– Bring together Stakeholders perspectives - Sharon Ramondi –Point person

- Submit unsolicited proposal to IES; 1st supply and demand study did make a difference; Staffers and Senators seem to now understand the situation; measure of success in Washington is having other folks carry your message

- Legislative agenda
a) TED/DR/HECSE/CEC in close collaboration
Dan Reschly, current President of CEC’s Division for Research (DR) will serve as contact for DR
b) New agenda item –Phil Burke look at highly qualified definition
Talk to CEC/TED; James McLeskey (Chair), Phil Burke, and Barbara Ludlow will lead this effort

Jane’s list of HECSE accomplishments
As of February 6, 2006 Jane will have new position, Vice President of Governmental Relations at AACTE

Business Items
- Election – New members of the Executive Board to begin 7/1/06
President -Elect. –Chriss Walthler-Thomas –Unanimous
Secretary--Barbara Ludlow --Unanimous
Member-at-Large –Deborah Slaton –Unanimous
Member-at-Large (to replace Chriss Walther-Thomas) Fred Spooner

Treasures Report—Bill Wienke
Dues notices to be mailed in April for the membership/fiscal year that starts the following July 1.

Payment is due to Treasurer no later than October 1st of that same year (NOTE: from a separate discussion, Treasurer will indicate in dues notice that payment is due upon receipt so that IHEs can, if possible, cover the next year’s due with prior year funds. A second notice will be sent – as Bill currently does – in summer to IHEs that have not yet paid).

Discussion about consequences of late payment for membership dues: If institutional payment is not received by December 1st of the current year, institution will be removed from HECSE Membership List and will no longer be eligible for member benefits (NOTE: this means member will not be eligible to send a rep to the annual meeting and will be removed from HECSE list serv after December 1 and thus will no longer receive WPPL reports, updates from Jane, correspondence from HECSE president, invitation to attend annual meeting, etc.).

For an institution that fails to make its annual dues payment by December 1 but then makes such payment at a later date in the current membership year (e.g., Jan 15 or some other date), full membership benefits will be reinstated when the Treasurer receives the full institutional payment for that year. (NOTE: we agreed that we do not want part-year membership arrangements, as this would ‘encourage’ schools to join for only some months of the year – including for the Jan meeting – at a reduced cost; however, for an IHE that has not been a member for several years or has never been a member, we could consider a one time part-year membership at a reduced cost – e.g., for Jan 1 to June 30 at $600 or something like that – to enable an IHE to get up and running on a new membership with HECSE).

Executive Board to consider a minimal additional fee for additional member(s) from institution attending annual meeting. NOTE: As I recall a discussion from a few years ago, we went from dues of $600 to $675 in order to include the cost of meeting participation in the membership dues. Then, when we went from dues of $675 to $1100 we kept the same approach: namely, the dues would cover the attendance at the meeting of one IHE representative. If the budget would not be adversely affected, we might consider allowing up to 2 or 3 reps from a member institution attend the annual meeting at no additional cost over and above the $1100 annual dues. This would allow a HECSE member institution to send the ‘official’ rep as well as one or two others who make sense in a particular year (e.g., incoming chair, students, etc.). Then, we could charge some amount (e.g., $75 or $100) to cover meeting costs for other people attending from a member institution over an above the number we allow to attend as part of the $1100 membership fee. I doubt most institutions will typically send more than one person, since the big cost is in the travel/hotel expenses. However, if after some experience we see that many members are bringing 2-3 people to the annual meeting and meeting costs are, therefore, growing significantly we could revisit the issue. Personally I’d be comfortable if we had a policy saying that one of the benefits of membership is the ability to have 2 reps from a member IHE attend the annual meeting at no additional cost. Then, any attendees over 2 from an IHE would be charged a fee (e.g., $75) to cover meeting costs (meals, meeting room, etc.). Alternatively, this matter of whether to allow a second or third member rep to attend at no cost can be left up to the discretion of the President, and not addressed in our policy. However, by making explicit how many people can attend the annual meeting for free from one IHE would take any potential burden off the HECSE President to consider requests.

We had an additional discussion about allowing reps from non-member IHEs attend the HECSE annual meeting for a significantly greater fee. I believe that was rejected with further discussion that if HECSE were ever to expand its meeting to have two parts (one part for current members much like our meetings now, and a second part for some other purpose that might include an activity to generate money for HECSE) we might then open a part of the meeting to non-member IHEs (or even others not at IHEs). It was all very speculative and not acted on.

© Copyright 2006 HECSE

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