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HECSE : How to Join Last Updated: Jan 28th, 2007 - 12:46:59

How to Apply for HECSE Membership
By David Lovett
Aug 28, 2006, 15:56

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Criteria for Joining HECSE

To be eligible for HECSE membership, colleges or universities must...

* Operate special education personnel preparation programs that have been approved by state and regional or national accrediting agencies;

* Offer Graduate-level special education teacher preparation programs;

• Prepare special education leadership personnel at the doctoral level; and

• Have at least five full-time faculty members with doctorates in special education or related fields plus experience in special education.

The application for HECSE membership also must be accompanied by a letter of endorsement from an appropriate administrative official (e.g., Dean, Provost, President) of the college or university.


Annual dues for HECSE membership are $1,100.00. The membership year begins July 1.

Dues support operational costs of the HECSE organization, such as duplication and postage for mailings to member institutions, costs associated with the two annual meetings, activities of officers, and operation of the Web site. They also support the cost of an Advocacy Consultant who works with Congressional and Federal staff and provides monthly updates from Washington, D.C. that are relevant to HECSE's mission.

Application Procedures

A request for membership should be made in writing to the HECSE Membership Chair, whose address appears in the following section. The application packet must include the following:

* Description of the accreditation status of the applicant institution;

* A brief summary of the Graduate-level special education personnel preparation programs of the applicant;

* Verification that the applicant institution offers a doctoral program in special education;

* The number of faculty with doctorates in special education, or related fields, who also have experience related to special education;

* Name, title, address, phone number, FAX, and E-mail of the person who will be the primary HECSE contact for the institution;

* Web addresses (URLs) for the college or university Web site AND the special education academic programs (if available)

* A letter endorsing the application from an appropriate administrator of the applicant institution; and

Upon approval of the membership application, the HECSE Treasurer will issue an invoice for the first year’s dues to the applicant institution.

Membership Contact Person

For additional information, contact the Chair of HECSE's Membership Committee:

David Lovett
Dept. of Educational Psychology
University of Oklahoma
820 Van Vleet Oval
Norman, OK 73019-2041
PHONE: (405) 325-1507
FAX: (405) 325-6655
E-MAIL: dlovett@ou.edu

© Copyright 2006 HECSE

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