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HECSE : How to Join Last Updated: Nov 4th, 2006 - 20:56:45

Why Join HECSE?
By Stan Shaw
Aug 28, 2006, 15:48

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1.Why should an institution consider joining HECSE ?

• membership in the premier organization representing
leadership preparation in special education
• sharing of current special education information
• networking with IHE’s engaged in doctoral level preparation
and research

2. What are some specific benefits of HECSE membership ?

• provide access to up-to-date information on legislation
• provide current information on policy and policy development
• assist with access to decision makers
• provide technical assistance regarding communications with
special education decision makers at all levels
• provide opportunities for professional development
• provide opportunities to analyze, clarify and provide input on
legislative and regulatory language and issues
• join with colleagues in expressing positions on legislation and policy
• current information of funding opportunities
• assist with faculty searches

3. How can an institution apply for membership in HECSE ?

• contact any of the HECSE Board for assistance
• formal written membership application is required
and will be provided quickly by the membership chair
• membership application is reviewed by the board

4. What is the current annual membership fee ?

• $ 1,100 per year, due July of each year

5. What is the membership fee used for ?

• HECSE Consultant
• meeting costs
• operating expenses
6. Annual Meetings and Location

• January
• Washington, DC
• Thursday, planned individual visits with legislators
• Friday, recently full day meeting on the Capitol Hill
• Saturday meeting at Hotel till early afternoon
• Members are responsible for all travel costs

7. Who attends

• institutional representative or alternate
• consultant (s)
• invited guests / presenters

8. Typical Meeting Agenda

• Up-date on legislative issues
• Presentations and Q & A with Congressional staffers •Presentations by OSEP Personnel with Q & A
• HECSE Leadership Award Presentation
• Business Meeting
• Presentation of issues by Consultant and/or HECSE Board
Q & A plus discussion
• Sharing of personnel needs by institution
• Planning for future with assigned tasks/ responsibilities

9. Possible Special Meetings

• TED Conference
• CEC Convention
• OSEP Directors Meeting

10. Retreats

• occasional
• focus on topics of special interest
• white paper development

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