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Meetings : Meeting Minutes Last Updated: Dec 12th, 2006 - 16:49:46

Executive Board Minutes 11/8/06
By Barbara Ludlow
Dec 12, 2006, 16:25

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November 8, 2006
Double Tree Hotel
San Diego, California
8:00 – 10:00 pm PT

Board Members Present: Barbara Ludlow, Chuck Salzberg, Stan Shaw, Deborah Slaton, Fred Spooner, Chriss Walther-Thomas, Bill Wienke

Agenda Item 1. Plans for HECSE Work Groups
Stan Shaw identified 5 workgroups and their leaders:
a. NCLB – James McLeskey/Mary Brownell
b. Shortage of Leadership Personnel – Chriss Walther-Thomas/Deb Smith
c. Alternative Certification of Faculty – Amy Otis Wilborn
d. Culturally Responsive Special Educators – Lisa Monda-Amaya
e. Roles of Special Educators – Stan Shaw
He indicated that the Work Groups also represent some opportunity for collaboration with TED.
Chriss suggested adding a sixth workgroup that would address the Principal’s Role in Special Education Accountability.

Chriss said Jane West believes now is the time to work proactively toward influencing the re-authorization of NCLB and briefly discussed each group’s focus. She reported that Deb Smith’s proposal did not get funded and that perhaps HECSE should try to collect some data on its own. There is growing concern about online programs to prepare faculty that require no prior experience in special education. There is also a question of whether OSEP will still fund personnel preparation for mild disabilities because of new roles under NCLB. She stated the groups will develop white papers to inform policy makers on the Hill as well as the field and to serve as a stimulus for research. There will be a series of discussion groups at the TED/TAM conference (listed on page 25 pf the program) to initiate the process and the goal is to disseminate the final documents at next year’s TED/TAM conference.

Barbara said that Maggie McLaughlin told her the field needs to address the emerging issue of value-added teacher education programs and graduate’s impact on learning outcomes after employment as teachers. The focus of policy makers is now on accountability and establishing a direct relationship between teacher education, teacher performance, and child outcomes.

Stan said that the online programs such as Nova and Phoenix are producing large numbers of new faculty who are being hired in many smaller special education programs that have difficulty hiring new faculty. Fred reported that in some cases, 100 doctoral students may be supported by a single faculty member, with implications for the quality of their preparation.

Stan said that the recent Democratic Party victories may mean that Congress could be more receptive to the HECSE agenda. Fred said that policy makers receive multiple interpretations of the same statistics. Stan said that means HECSE needs to get its information to Congressional representatives first and now we have a better opportunity than before with newly elected people. Chriss wondered whether education will be ignored at first as they decide what to do about the war in Iraq and said she felt this Congress is unlikely to do anything dramatic before the Presidential election. Stan said that NCLB is an area where Democrats and Republicans agree and also an issue that can serve as a legacy contribution for Bush. Chriss said that the Democrats, who are now in control, are pro-NCLB but there may be some interest in modifying specific components.

Action on Item 1:
Stan will contact the HECSE membership about participation in the Work Groups.

Agenda Item 2. Virtual Internship
Stan distributed a document describing eligibility criteria and application procedures for the HECSE “Virtual” Internship. He indicated there has been a great response from the membership and numerous requests for information from doctoral students. He has received 3 completed applications that need a decision for a Spring 2007 start date. Chriss said that Jane has suggested that 2-3 interns, rather than a single intern as planned, would create more synergy. Bill asked for clarification of what HECSE’s role is in the internship. He indicated UCF had contracted with Jane, OSEP and NASDSE for internships and was concerned about overlap. Stan stated that the intern(s) would work with the President, Jane and possibly the Work Groups; he indicated he would prefer to approve 1 intern in Spring 2007, then review the internship and decide if more than 1 could be approved for Fall 2007. Chriss said she felt it was a good strategy to start small and gradually build the internship program. She also indicated it would be nice to have a two-tiered process: an initial internship to learn about policy, followed by a final internship to produce a specific policy document. Stan suggested appointing a selection committee composed of the President-Elect, the Members-At-Large, and Jane West.

Action Item 2:
Bill will send Stan a copy of the internship contracts.
Stan will organize the Internship Selection Committee to select 1 intern to start Spring 2007.

Agenda Item 3. IES
Chriss reported that there is some talk that the current controversy over Reading First may prompt an investigation of IES as a whole. She said Deb Smith felt that the doctoral study proposal was supported by Ed Kame’enui but not by his superiors. She said HECSE should write a letter related to the reauthorization of the law establishing IES and the group needs to address this at the annual meeting. Stan reported that Ed indicates that the regulations need to be changed to better address the contexts of special education research. Chriss said IES needs to modify their priorities to include the topics and issues the field feels are important. Chuck said that the regulations are not the statute, so it might be possible to effect some change prior to the reauthorization. Chriss said that there was discussion at the Teacher Quality Forum that IES is an area where the group needs to focus some attention.

Action Item 3:
No specific action was identified; discussion will continue at the annual meeting.

Agenda Item 4. Relationship with TED
Stan reported that HECSE has been successful at developing its relationship with TED, particularly with respect to issuing joint position papers. He said it was important for personnel preparation to speak with one voice and the relationship with TED facilitates contact with CEC.

Stan suggested HECSE also needed to develop its relationship with OSEP to have more say in the annual project director’s meeting. He said he and Chriss had a productive meeting with Alexa Posny , the new Director. Chuck stated that there will soon be considerable turnover in key personnel who have been primary contacts for HECSE. Stan said he will serve on the planning committee for the 2007 meeting; Bob Gilmore has also asked for HECSE’s input on the leadership segment of the meeting following last year’s evaluation. Chuck suggested the meeting address the issues in alternative certification of new faculty by presenting information and stimulating discussion of what is the role of doctoral level personnel and what is the role of leadership preparation programs. Bill asked whether the OSEP meeting was as valuable as the HECSE retreat, since viewing presentations does not result in white papers that can influence policy makers. He indicated that in the past HECSE members spent considerable time planning activities for the OSEP meeting with no money to support activities and few tangible outcomes. Fred suggested the Work Groups and their white paper development activities could serve as a focus for the leadership segment of the meeting. Deborah suggested that the groups could present a draft of the papers at the meeting to solicit feedback to prepare the final documents. Bill said perhaps the participants could be asked to generate possible solutions to include in the papers. Chuck said he felt show and tell time was not helpful since everyone presents at other conferences and that work time would be more valuable.

Action Item 4:
No specific action was identified; discussion will continue at the annual meeting.

Agenda Item 5. Planning Annual Meeting
Stan distributed and reviewed a draft agenda for the HECSE annual meeting. He suggested some time be added on Thursday for a debriefing of members’ Hill visits. Deborah asked if a half hour was sufficient time for the meeting and Chriss suggested it be expanded to one hour. Stan said he would ask veterans to serve as mentors to members making their first Hill visit. He said an online form set up by Mike Behrman will be used for registration. Bill suggested that specifying the registration deadline as late as January 10 could lead to not reserving enough hotel rooms or planning enough meeting space and refreshments. Chuck said HECSE should continue to encourage members to bring colleagues or doctoral students, despite some additional expense for meals. Chriss asked if the meeting should be used to recruit new members and increase revenues by inviting others to attend, such as offering the Friday session on the Hill at a fee of $350 for non-members (with a provision that the fee could be applied to membership if the institution joined within 90 days). Stan recommended against this, saying that space is limited. Bill said that increasing attendance would diminish opportunities for active dialogue. Chriss suggested creating topical discussion groups for dinner on Friday evening. Chuck agreed with this idea but stated that this would require someone to organize the groups. Chriss agreed to take responsibility for this effort.

Stan stated that nominations will be needed for the following HECSE offices: Treasurer and 1 Member at Large; the Executive Board has functioned as the nominations committee in the past.

Stan also indicated that the current committee chairs are continuing but he would like to re-create the committees as of July 1, 2007. Chriss asked if there were terms for committees specified in the Constitution & Bylaws – the answer is no. Bill asked what the committees’ activities and duties were – nothing is detailed. Chriss suggested that HECSE should establish term limits so that committees can serve as opportunities to get more people involved. Chuck suggested that term limits be staggered so that there is not complete turnover – the group agreed. Bill stated that a new Treasurer will need some time for mentoring.

Stan asked for an update on HECSE members.

Action Item 5:
Stan will finalize and distribute the annual meeting agenda.
Chriss will develop a process for the topical discussion groups.
Chriss as President-elect will chair the Nominations Committee and solicit nominations.
Stan will ask Jim McAfee to draft revisions to the Constitution & Bylaws section on committees.

Agenda Item 6. Project Directors Meeting
See discussion under Agenda Item 4.

Action Item 6.
No specific action identified, discussion will continue at the annual meeting.

Agenda Item 7. Future HECSE Priorities
Stan asked if there were new priorities for HECSE. The group decided to defer the discussion until the next meeting.

Action Item 7.
No specific action identified.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 pm PT.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara L. Ludlow

© Copyright 2006 HECSE

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